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Nail Gun Service Prices 2024

With a nail gun service labour is frozen on labour for any replacement parts you may need to get your gun working again. You will get a full strip down to component level full inspection and clean of all parts. reports back any worn or broken parts that you may need replacement. availability, cost and timeframe so you can manage your workload.

Professional cleaning with a high-temperature power washer and degreaser

All electrical parts hand-cleaned

Thorough testing for any necessary repairs (we'll quote you) remember parts only.

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Service price

IM350+ Lithium                                  £50.00

IM350+                                                £50.00

IM350                                                  £50.00   

IM360Ci/360Xi                                    £65.00

IM65/65A/50 Lithium                         £50.00

IM65/65A                                            £55.00

IM250                                                  £65.00

PPN35Ci/PPNXi                                 £65.00

IM200 Stapler£90.23                         £70.00

Spit Pulsa P800                                  £75.00

Other Makes

Service Price


GN900SE:                                      £50.00

GF600SE:                                       £50.00

GN420CSE                                    £50.00

Hitachi Nail Guns

NR90GC2:                                     £50.00

NT65GS:                                        £50.00

Re-Gas / Prime                              £30.00

Other Nail Gun

Bostitch:                                        £65.00

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